Tuesday, February 20 marks national #LoveYourPetDay, and social media is abuzz with photos of kittens, puppies and more. Sure, you could argue that every day is a day to love your pets, but it’s always nice to have a reason to share photos of your loved ones on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Like this gives […]

Pets Living Longer Than Ever

Gwendolyn Purdom of the Washingtonian wrote a thoroughly researched article about the average lifespan of an American pet. Thanks to advancements in veterinarian technologies and better diets, our furry friends are living longer than ever. Purdom’s article delves into what that means for pet owners, and how researchers are trying to pin down the average lifespan of […]

A(nother) Knee Surgery for Carlin?

Since you haven’t been formally introduced, this is Carlin. He’s my partner in crime. This is him with a girlfriend of his, Darby. You’ve seen him one other time on this site but I’ve never gone into detail about him. Carlin came from the Sacramento County Animal Shelter on Bradshaw Road. He’s a three-year-old pit bull and […]

SCAM ALERT: BBB Warns Against Missing Pet Grift

Losing your pet is every animal owner’s worst nightmare. Suppose this happens to you. You put up signs and post to social media and various free sites hoping someone found your animal. Then one day your phone rings and someone claims to have found your pet. Proceed with caution, according to the Better Business Bureau. The […]

Dog Grooming Tips

Routine grooming helps keep a pet happy and healthy. There’s no shortage of professional groomers who will handle this dirty task for you. Yet there are those who prefer do it themselves. Are you the type to roll up your sleeves and wash your dog yourself? The Wahl Clipper Corporation has some thoughts on grooming: It […]

Handy Guide to Brushing

Dogs get dirty. They roll around in the grass and sleep in the dirt. At some point they’re going to need some grooming. Of course, brushing a dog can be therapeutic for the owner and beneficial for the dog. Here’s what you need to remember, courtesy the ASPCA: Consistent grooming with a brush or comb […]

Rescuing Pets Amid Hurricane Harvey

Pets are more than furry companions, they are confidants and full-fledged family members. Never are we more aware of this than during times of crisis, particularly natural disasters. Times like these see animals go missing and worse. The New York Times recently published an article about Tropical Storm Harvey and the effect it has on family […]

Fleas Test Positive For Plague In Arizona

Public health departments in Arizona are reporting that fleas are testing positive for the bubonic plague in Navajo and Coconino counties. “Navajo County Health Department is urging the public to take precautions to reduce their risk of exposure to this serious disease, which can be present in fleas, rodents, rabbits and predators that feed upon these […]

Penciling Out Pet Insurance

Emergency animal care often means whipping out the credit card. Times like these make one wonder if pet insurance is worth the investment. All this got us thinking about pet insurance and, if it’s worth the monthly cost.