Seat Covers For Friends With Paws

Anyone serious about maintaining their upholstery and traveling with their dog should invest in seat covers.

Adam Savage of MythBusters fame knows this as well as anyone.

“My wife and I just bought a car with the leather interior just the way we like it, and our dogs hate it. They hate sitting on leather, and they will tear it to shreds,” said Savage, explaining why he designed a homemade seat cover for his car.

Naturally, the famous special effects designer wasn’t about to simply spread a few ragged towels across the seats and call it a day.

Instead, he fabricated a dog bed that fit snugly across the backseat, one that couldn’t easily be shoved aside by the canines.

Kitter Spater, co-founder of Kurgo pet supply can relate.

“My dogs are always dragging sand in from the beach,” he said.

Spater’s company offers a bench seat cover for the backseat.

Of course, not everyone enjoys the same knack for DIY projects as Savage and Spater, so the average person will usually buy such a product rather than trying to build one from scratch.

Spater offers the following advice when shopping for seat covers:

  • Accessibility. Some bench covers will eliminate access to the rear seat belts.
  • Appearance. Polycotton is a durable, stain-resistant blend available in many colors.
  • Shape. Rear seat protectors commonly fit bench and bucket-style seats.
  • Restraints. Sturdy straps and a non-stick bottom help secure a seat protector in place.
  • Reliability. Does the product include a manufacturer’s warranty?